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Eber Gómez Berrade, F.R.G.S.
Executive Chairman

Eber Gómez Berrade is a well known Professional Hunter. He will be your host, personal PH and field advisor on your next Safari with Executive Safari Consultants.

Years of experience in guiding big game hunters with his outstanding background in executive, academic and outdoor worlds makes him a very unusual talent who combines his skills to be the person with whom you want to hunt in your most demanding safaris.

After a career in the financial markets as a floor trader in the Stock Exchange, Eber followed his passion in writing journalism, travels and big game hunting.

A former adherent member of the Argentine Council for Foreign Relations and former researcher member of the High Rank School of War, he was trained as a journalist in hostile environments and Correspondent in Peace Keeping Operations by the United Nations.

He has used these skills extensively in Africa and the Middle East reporting on several conflicts. This experience prepared him as a unique expedition leader.

He is the first and only Argentine citizen who qualified to obtain a South African Professional Hunter License, after having passed the examination with the recognized Johan Calitz Professional Hunting Academy.

He is member of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA), and a Full Professional Member of the International Professional Hunters Association (IPHA). He is Master Measurer for both Safari Club International  and Rowland Ward, and member of Rowland Ward Guild of Field Sportsmen. He also was Secretary at the Board of Directors of Safari Club International Argentine Chapter.

He is also Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London, the legendary British explorers society, thanks to his academic background as a university lecturer and writer.

In Argentina he contributes in hunting magazine like “Vida Salvaje” and “Safari Sur” and in Mexico in “Caza Mayor” magazine. His writings on hunting and conservation have been published in four books and countless articles. The Argentine writer Jorge Fernández Díaz wrote a story of his life as a hunter in the book “La Hermandad del Honor”, published by Editorial Planeta.

He has license as both WFR (Wilderness First Responder) in medical emergencies, and radio operator (his call sign is LU8AGB). He is also fluent in five languages.

When he is not on safari, Eber finds time to write and enjoy golf and fencing.