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Hunting in Alaska has become one of the last great adventures of the modern world. Located a few degrees south of the Arctic Circle and under the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, Alaska offers the hunter a unique and unforgettable challenge that must be experienced at least once in the lifetime. From the vast plains of Alaska Range, the inhospitable mountains of Denali National Reserve, to the legendary Kodiak Island, home of the world's largest brown bear, our clients can go behind the most sought after trophies of that region such as Brown Bear, Black Bear, Caribou, Dall Ram and the majestic Alaskan Moose.


The idyllic landscape of the Rocky Mountains in the Northwest of the United States, offers one of the best hunting areas in that country for those looking for Black Bear with different capes (white, cinnamon and black), hunting them with hounds or from a blind. In that area of the American Far West, the hunter may also hunt Cougar (Mountain Lion), White Tail Deer and the magnificent Elks.